Playing a poker hand

Most Common Card Mistakes

Misunderstand the value of position

Most common card mistakes in poker are made by looking at your starting hand and using it as though it were the most playable hand in poker. Many new players do this and it is one of the worst. What am I talking about?

Some people draw hands to the low. It should be obvious that the lower the card you have, the better. Yet some stick with their favorite hand. Decide which is worse- Playing a hand just because is in the same suit or playing a hand just because you like the numbers it contains.

Playing a poker hand the wrong way will always uffer.

Decide which poker hand is better and consider studying it and how to flaw it. Look at the other hands and see which one is better. Notice and understand the different hand strengths. Examine the others and decide which is the most playable poker hand.

This is the easiest step in itself. Just observing and learning more Texas Hold Em mistakes for some time and you will be ready to do it. Just remember, stick to your decision and do not change it, for it will be better for your and your bankroll.

2nd Step: Mistakes with your Ante

Choose one or two cards and always, always, always, bet using them. Do not toss away the cards, maintaining a hand should be through with one or two cards.

Now, repeat the process on the other hand and you will end up with a profit for yourself.

acked out

You have cards, you have position and you are pretty much playing blind. Turn and river are the only cards you can see and you have no clue what to do. You bet, a bit of what you had and maybe a bit of what you would have, but not enough. What you need to do is to bet something. Bet and don’t be bothered about what you did. This way you can open your account (if you do not have one yet) and you can pick up a bit of money you didn’t bet for. Some people do this and if they do, they will win because they bet properly.

largeness of the pot

Versus smaller stacks in front of you, the ones that would call a standard raise, you should fold. Select the best hand for today and go all in. If you don’t have that hand, call big bets, but don’t be afraid of it. In this situation a standard raise is dangerous for a lot of players because they would call it in this situation with any two cards. First, they call in front of you with air, second they call in front of you with less than air, so it’s a coin-flip hand.

If you have a hand of course you should play. Of course it is a lot easier if you are a beginner and you have something like K 9 or K J and so on. But you should not rely on these hands. You should be capable of winning with any hand, decent enough to called out or not if so it should be profitable for you to play. But you should not call with all the money in the pot in the middle of the table.

The kidding voices inside my head - Lottery Price Per Head

The kidding voices inside my head – Lottery Price Per Head

I played the lotto for years. And, with all due respect to those who won the big prize grants, I personally think that their wins were mostly luck at that point – NO lottery system could have made those millions for you.

Yet, there are those who insist that is MORE than luck, there are strategies to improve your chances of winning the lotto. In other words, that lotto was not just a game of chance, but rather a game of “chance and skill” as they put it.

One of these strategies is the invention of the Lottery Price Per Head system. Be honest, that’s a bold statement. Let me rephrase, because I do believe that the lottery was not just a game of chance, but rather a game of “chance and skill” as they put it. The problem is that so many people believe that the lottery was nothing more than a game of chance and that only by playing it, “chance and skill” could you win.

First of all, what is chance? Chance, the idea that the ball would land on a certain number is the fundamental basis of the lottery. If the ball lands on the number you picked, then you have a chance to win because the odds say that it has to fall into a specific place on the wheel before it will be drawn again. This is the fundamental premise behind the lottery system and always will be.

The wheel is made by a man or woman and is a device that can only produce a numbered pocket. The balls that are drawn are actually just little balls, shot from a gun and it’s the job of the lottery dealer to place them on the wheel in a specific order that they will end up back where they started.

The balls that are drawn WILL land on whatever number you chose and EVEN if they don’t, you could still win because, say the number just didn’t quite make the cut, it could still come up on the very next spin and you would be the winner.

As you can see, the lottery is not a game of “chance” as it was meant to be played. Of “chance and skill” it is possible to win the lottery by playing it “wise” and “rational” means. Think that’s foolish? I’ll leave that one to you.

The lottery occurs because of a number of reasons, some of which we don’t yet understand and all of which seem to play important roles in the lottery wins of certain people. Since the lottery is purely chance, these would seem to be suspicious at first. Why then do some people win and others barely survive or seem to never get a break?

If you understand the role a game of “chance” plays in the lottery, I think you would agree that EVERYONE should play. Why then, do some people seem to resist the temptation?

Lottery Number Advice

First of all, if you understand the role a “Poker88” card” plays in the lottery, you’ll know that not playing the correct numbers will be a mistake. Instead of selecting lottery numbers based upon birthdays, anniversaries or “hot numbers” (numbers that seem to be hitting) you need to select lottery numbers that are based upon something other than just your birthdays.

One of the things that contribute to the lottery wins of certain people is the use of history. This is not to say that you watch the birthdays of others and try to merge them into your own birthday, because you could be wrong and they could be turning up older. What you are doing is using the birthdays as a way of selecting valuable numbers.

By selecting lottery numbers that are based upon theweights of the numbers you select, the odds are significantly increased for you to win. weighting your lottery numbers correctly, means having a total oforeligious number choices in your lottery tickets, rather than just having a repeat hit on the series.

Further proof that your lottery tickets need to be weighted correctly is the fact that every country that involves lottery draws, selects the winning numbers in a different way. The way a country selects its lottery numbers could mean zero difference in the chance of winning a big prize.

Lottery Coin Technique

Should you be interested in pursuing these methods, then, you can check out past results from the lottery you are interested in. The results will reveal an old technique which has been used for quite some time, and has some good outcomes.

The weight of the numbered balls in a lottery ticket has something to do with the way they mark the ends of the wheel. When you work out the probability of a ball coming into land based on the weight of the ball, you can largely discount the ones that are most likely to win the lottery.

Once you realise this, you will be in a stronger position to select the right lottery numbers, and win.

relative Strength of Poker Players

When playing poker online, you can see a breakdown of your play against players of a similar expertise and this gives you a better perspective on your opponents. You may have been on a poker room before, but in many cases you may not have the same experience or you may be newer to the game so you don’t know what to do. In such cases it’s worth spending some time reading the books of players who are good at the game, like Daniel Negreanu. slot terpercaya Although you may only gain a patch of information about a player’s game, a few pages of text will give you a much better idea about the player.

A valuable tip when playing online poker against players of a very high standard is to read a few poker books. For example Hands to Win, describing a successful play against a group of advanced players; or Knowing the Odds, a classic book by Howard Lederer.

Other tips involve starting your poker career with low limit games instead of high limit games. This is because most players are better in the lower limit games and your ability to beat them will improve as you gain more experience.

If you reach the final table with $5000 to $10,000 as stack, you can play very conservatively and hope to get a free card on the flop or a call on the turn to allow you to play with a more competitive hand.

When you reach the final table with a healthy stack, you should be aggressive in your play because most players at this stage will be trying to survive into the tournament and not get eliminated. If you are aggressive in the poker games you are not used to, you may misfire on a few hands and send you packing rather than protect your stack.

To make it to the final table as a beginner or a semi-pro poker player requires a lot of practice. To keep improving your game, you must read poker books and watch poker videos and you must get into daily tournaments or you will not improve in time to get to the final table.

Good LuckKeep a Hand and Be patientThere are no guaranteed tournaments so there is no sure fire way to win a tournament except to have a hand.

Choosing an Online Poker Cardroom

Choosing an Online Poker Cardroom

So, you have decided that you want to be a part of online poker and you have done a little homework to make sure that you find the best online poker cardrooms. Well, there is one easy way to find poker cardrooms and that is through an internet poker cardroom review. You can find an internet poker cardrooms review at internet poker cardrooms, poker reviews, poker bonuses and the like. They should be easy to find and it is a good idea to give them a quick look.

The internet poker cardrooms review should give you an overview of what each site is all about, whether it is live games or just playing for virtual chips. You should not worry about any security information as the sites are very responsible and secure. After all you do not want to deal with any of these anyway, you are just here to play poker. The online poker cardrooms review should talk about the various bonuses available to each site and which ones are the best.

Some of the sites that you may want to review are Party Poker, Poker Stars, SafeSpy, Titan Poker, Paradise Poker, Party Casino, Pacific Poker and Poker Room.

After you choose your cardroom, you can start playing their free poker games and eventually move into their paid poker games. You can play online poker for very low limits as low as 2 cents/4 cents, so there is something at every level. You very well may decide that 4 cents is low limit just by yourself, so you can start off there.

Online Poker is a hobby, so you do not want to start spending all your money on it. Initial capital should be set aside for your poker account so that you can have something to do when you are bored. Once you have cleared the bonus you have two months to play with the bonus money. In this time period you also receive rakeback (see your My hobbies section on page to learn about deposit 15 bonus 30), you may even get a bonus on your first deposit, or you can cash out your bonus and use it on another site.

Most of the online cardrooms offer a rakeback program, but not all of them offer the same thing. On top of that you also want to make sure you are playing with a reliable cardroom. A good sign up bonus and quick payment system is important, but you want more than just a couple of reputable online poker sites. Downloading software is time consuming and players may be put off if there are problems signing up.

Trying out the free poker games is a great way to test out the poker sites and determine which ones are the best for you. Initially you will probably find that you are bored with playing the game itself, but when you start playing the different tournament styles you will soon realize that there is a lot of money to be made from playing in live games. You can also use the free time to evaluate other players and watch what sort of strategy you think works for them.

Once you feel you are ready to take the plunge and deposit money to play with cash, you can then start playing sit and go games. The best thing about playing these games is that if you suffer a bad beat, you do not lose more than your initial deposit. However, if you are playing the $1, $2 and $5 tournaments, you can lose all of the money you have if you suffer a bad beat.

It is also important to note that when you play for real money, you should play very carefully and learn to play the game well. You cannot think that you have played well or suffered no bad beats when playing for real money, because you played the game in the same way you did when you were playing for play money. Therefore you should always play your best when playing for real money.

Online poker can be fun and relaxing and you can also play from the comfort of your home, however, keep in mind that you are playing online with other people from around the world. So the chances are that you will not be playing in your best poker mood as you sit at the computer looking over your cards. Be assured that you will have a very satisfying poker experience by playing at a reputable online poker site.

How to Become Better Poker Players

How to Become Better Poker Players

Whether you are an interesting in becoming a better poker player or you already are, you need to know more about the strategies in order to become a better player. In the following article, I will tell you more about the strategies involved in poker and how to become a better poker player.

existent poker strategies and how to become a better poker player are based largely on the element of surprise. There is no real set of rules that one can follow when making decisions when playing. Its more a set of psychological methods based on the situation you are in, the type of players opposing you, and the odds of you winning. In poker, this is referred to as a poker player making a decision.

Commonly, poker players do not know when to apply their poker strategy. A common example is a player who is in a hand that they did not expect to win. An example of this is a straight draw or a flush draw. If you are in this situation, poker players should fold. However, because many poker players don’t fold at the time they are in this hand, they end up losing more money.

Not all poker players have the same attitude with regard to when to be in a hand. Some poker players take it as a player of poker not to show hands, even if they have a high card. Some poker players are more restricted with regard to when they show hands. This is very important with regard to your opponent. You want to know that you are as similar as possible with regard to poker strategy in such situations, since too much information about your opponent will lead to fear and dislike. When you play online poker, you also want to be unpredictable since too many pokers players are not patient.

The poker player needs to have a lot of patience in order to develop his poker strategy and make decisions. The more experience you gain, the better your poker strategy will be. There are many things you will have to remember and you will have to review. You will have to be able to evaluate your opponent and be able to determine hands. You should be able to determine hands by the cards alone, or at least after review, you should be able to justify the decision that you are making. If you are not sure, ask help. If you cannot justify the decision, do not make the bet.

The poker player should also be able to control his emotions. He should not let his emotions get in the way of his Dewavegas strategy. Since poker is a very emotional game, the poker player will have to be strong-animous to the poker strategy. The player should also be able to get the most out of hisiked hands. If the poker player gets too emotional, he may overlook other possibilities, such as bluffs. The best poker players are those who know the true secret of poker, the best moves to make. The player should also know when to get out.

3 Surefire Online Poker Tips You Must Avoid Betting Against Yourself

3 Surefire Online Poker Tips You Must Avoid Betting Against Yourself

This is one of the most important points you must never do when playing poker online, especially Texas Holdem. We know how easy it is to lose money when you are too eager to get into a hand and bet big. This usually happens once you bet too much. Never allow yourself to get carried away and bet against your favorite hand, even if you think it’s playable. It is too easy to get behind after investing a lot of cash into a hand that is always a sure thing.

The golden rule in poker is to be patient. It is also a rule of thumb, not a set guideline. You are only human and will get frustrated and impatient at times. You must keep your head about yourself and know that the game will always have a lot of ups and downs. You don’t have to survive every hand, but at least be competitive and use your skills to make your opponent think wrong.

For instance, you are suited and your opponent is a big-time raise machine, you can’t just throw your chips in the pot out of frustration. You have to wait for the right hand to bring. This could be a hand similar in style to Ace King, which could be played with confidence or could be a calling hand, depending on your position.

Another good rule of thumb in online poker is to be selective. This may sound easy but that means you are being a little too loose, especially if you are playing at a tight table. If you think you have something good, don’t play or you risk losing too many chips.

The situation will also change if you are part of a good strategy and if the game has a lot of ups and downs. There is no need to be a part of a strategy that relies on big hands, unless the hand is part of a monster. rafting is very risky and unreliable since it is not probable that you will win big pots even if you win the tourney.

So if you can’t play with big hands, this means that you shouldn’t play with a lot of chips either. Part of the problem with playing with a lot of chips is that you have to make a decision on every hand and that can make you a little too anxious. The best poker players play the precise cards that have the best chance of winning. They are not motivated by having a lot of chips, since considerations like chip management come into place.

Poker is about lots of small decisions and knowing when to make the right ones. If you are unable to do this, you will be taking more chances and being reckless in the decision-making process. This is related to gambling, but in poker you will be the one taking big risks to make big money, so you need to have the desire to win and to have the ability to Togel Online Terpercaya.

The Golden Rule Of Sports Gambling

The Golden Rule Of Sports Gambling

Many people have heard the term ‘sport arbitrage’ before. The majority though, are unaware of what it actually means and how to perform it. Recently I got an interesting e-mail from a fellow by the name of Bill Chandler asking me to cover a few sports arbitrage related topics for his newsletter.

In short, he wanted to know if I knew any good sports arbitrage calculators. Well, I do. apparatus that when bet on both teams using different bookmakers at different online sports books, theoretically should provide a 50% return. In theory.

Implementing such a barbaric device in the real world is extremely difficult. Arbitrage betting, applied correctly, can be very profitable, but you really must be extremely lucky in order to pull it off. Especially when using a gambling site such as betfair.

What am I rambling about? Sports arbitrage trading simply involves backing two different betting sites at different odds in order to receive a return on your bet no matter which team wins. The bookmakers make a mistake when they price something in the same market, they always give an advantage. When you place a bet using a trading site such as betfair, you remove the bookmakers advantage.

An example: If you back Chelsea at 1.90 and then lay Chelsea at 1.80, you will receive £90 back, £10 above your stake. Now, if you bet on Chelsea, you will have to lay £1.90 in order to receive £10, above your stake. This is effectively capitalised to £elong odds of 3.0 when you consider you need to bet £1.90 to receive £10. This is a fair return and if you consider you profit on the exchange to be 3%, then you will make a profit of £3.

You can place a lay bet with just about any bookmaker online. The most popular are betfair, betdaq, and betbooker, they all give you a name of one of their betting exchanges, as well as a symbol of how the odds are reflected in the table you will be placing your bet on. With these, you need to place a bet on the football team your aware of, the one you would like to think would be the winner. It could be helpful anyway, as it allows you to cover a lot more areas than you normally would.

Consider placing a bet on football odds using the “Before” betting option. This enables you to think about the teams that are more likely to win or lose before the game starts. By placing a bet on a football team with a less favourable betting odds, you are essentially covering the two betting options.

Similarly, to get the “in Pengeluaran Togeĺ Hk Hari Ini 2022” option, place a bet in the final 2-3 minutes of a football match. Punters normally watch football matches for the football, but there are also betting that happen by Royal Ascot on the weather, and a few horse racing markets. Royal Ascot is the traditional highlight of the golfing calendar, but with betting exchange, horse betting and a few other TTS, it has become a lot less daunting to place a bet.

“In running betting” generally involves betting in the 11-12th of a football match, or more commonly in the first 10-15 minutes of a football match. The reason for such a bet is a bookmaker’s point of honor is to attract equal bets on both the favourite and underdog, in order to break even.

What to think about before placing a bet using In running betting?

It is all about timing. Bookmakers open their odds in the morning, and money pours in based on the odds offered. The odds offered at some bookmakers will change the direction of the odds on the betting exchange, which can directly affect the bet you are placing. For example, if you back a team at 1.90, and there is an opposing bet for the favourite to lay at 2.10, your bet could be vulnerable to a 2.10 – 2.10 (down by 10) against your bet – a hard bet to beat. Therefore, the In running betting option can be very significant when used in the right circumstances.

Steps to In running betting

There are a few steps you need to take while implementing the “In running betting” concept. These steps will increase your chances of winning when you are placing bets on the football matches.

1) 128 – Sort the list of all live football matches using the In running bettingale combination. You can calculate this by multiplying the decimal point of each match value by 100.

2) 100x(%) – 62.6% = 31.58. This is the percentage of payout for In running betting.

Poker, How to Learn to Play by Only Watching Games

Poker, How to Learn to Play by Only Watching Games

Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode where Kramer picked up aces from theifter and asked Larry what he would do with aces if he had his own dealer?

Larry couldn’t answer the question because he had no way of knowing what the dealer’s hole cards were. And Kramer was right, he had no way of knowing that either.

But the real beauty of the how to learn to play poker by only watching games episode is that it trains the viewer to gauge other players’ styles and to Trump a few observations up on your own.  It causes a player to REALLY examine their own game and devise aoubtful strategy.

This shows that the player is still trying to improve their game, and not getting stale or outdated information. It makes you think harder about you game and whether or not you think your opponents are on the same page as you.

And the greatest thing about it, the How To Play Poker TV episode makes you think about what your game could be, and how to improve your game.  It makes you think about position and stealing blinds, it raises the probability of your stealing satellites, it might make you play J5 suited or different hands in a better position, it might make you bluff in spots and temper your bets, it might make you semi- bluff with weak hands, it might make you lose games you were going to win, it might do all of the above, it might do none of those things.

But most of all, after watching the show, you realize that you, and everyone else at the table have become poker players online.  Because of this you are now able to play poker online, and you can do it very cheaply in fact.  Because of the popularity of the How To Play Poker TV episode, many poker sites are currently promoting the game.  You can even play for free in the poker sites’ forums.

Therefore, the How To Play Poker TV episode has had a very positive effect on the online poker community, and Texas Holdem in particular.  Because of the episode, players are discussing the game of poker on television, and everyone is getting better, all the while watching the pros try to outdo each other.  And because of that, online poker players are also getting better.  Because of the specifics of the episode, poker players are realizing that they need to play fewer hands and be more specific in their bets.

Perhaps, poker players online are also beginning to realize that they, too, can become poker prodigies.  Because of the episode, kids are asking their friends whom they know play poker in America if they are eligibility for the next World Poker Tour.  In America, the seat to the World Poker Tour is paid annual anyway.  It’s difficult for the individual to win the World Poker Tour, but it’s far easier to make it to the World Series of Poker, which is the main goal for most.

If you watch the How To Play Poker TV episode, you’ll see something unique and somewhat unbelievable, which is that the props person brought chips to the table that said $500,000, in full, WSOP Cake Bonus Deposit.  I don’t think any professional poker player in his right mind would bring $500,000 to the table, but in the Kareake Pocono Mountains of upstate New Jersey there are thousands of people who do every day.

desiring to win the $500,000 jackpot?  According to the witnesses, shooter ablackjack that his hand was shaking so badly with the force of the pull of the ace and king that he actually fell to his knees.  Then, in the adjacent picture, you will see the shooter pull a W reckoned on one hand and a 6 reckoned on the other.

The shaky hand account told the incredible story of a cold-blooded, methodical casino shooter.  The only other time anyone has ever walked away from a table with a W from the Jokers’ Club is when the shooter has some kind of a grudge against you, a sort of “Live Rtp Slot Pragmatic” scheme.

flashlight salesman Harry Cove told lawyers during the Going Seporteller trial how he managed to rob a casino with a real semi-auto, weather-beaten and revealed to the jury the mechanism behind each of the eleven takes.  According to Cove, he offered the casino $5,000,000 for the right to install a light switch to one of their slot machines.  The casino refused the deal, so Cove took it his own, designing it so the casino could profit no matter which side it came off the hook on.

Blackjack For Fun And Profit Online

Blackjack For Fun And Profit Online

Be it an online blackjack tournament or one staged in the ordinary bricks-and-mortar type casino, blackjack (or “21”) still reigns supreme as the most popular game for gamblers.

Blackjack For Fun And Profit Online

One reason – and it’s a good one – is because newbies never have to put in a lot of time to learn how to play, (initially, that is). Even people who are not acquainted with this kind of games can easily grasp the goal of reaching 21 and a few simple rules such as never hitting on 16, and so on… and they’ll win enough to keep going, and maybe even hit the big jackpot. But blackjack represents something else altogether to the socially competent gamblers: an opportunity to have fun. Enjoying a fully-realized fantasy is something that many players like to do. Winning is just a bonus. And if that’s the way you want to go, you can avail yourself of several websites where you can be taught and trained in several popular betting systems. Most of these betting systems have simple betting steps, rather than the methodical stumping-money approaches that can be frustrating to the less-than-idy person. Probably many of the fantasy-betting websites are set to offer players the chance to indulge in this activity, and probably with fewer regulations than the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, they are meant to be played more. If you want to have fun, gambling and sometimes winning too, all you have to do is to visit the best fantasy websites. portals such as the logically-oriented Silver Oak Casino and Paradise Poker are likely to have everything you are looking for. Have fun with horse racing, dog racing, bingo parlors, poker – indeed, the choices are endless. Online casinos can be accessed from anywhere, at any time and to learn the game of blackjack, nothing can be barred from this end. The primary benefit of blackjack online betting is that you may check out different strategies and ideas with no emotional commitment. You can even study the betting systems and Blackjack betting tips, more easily than you could ever have imagined. The casinos and virtual card rooms are guaranteeing that you will bet for tokens and that you will ultimately end up playing for hours if you areurious about the method you are implemented. However, if you know precisely what you are doing, you could perhaps have a more coincides-tical and comfortable way of playing the casino game, or simply counter play one of your opponents. Whether you play professionally or are in it for fun, blackjack on casinos accepts both of the styles of play. The casinos are counting on gamblers to come and play the game of blackjack for a long time to come, and never leave. Stay at home and enjoy the game of blackjack online for a time, and soon enough you may be gambling away with friends or in a casino playing not online but at a table. The casinos are counting on gamblers to come and play the game of blackjack for a long time to come, and never leave. Stay at home and enjoy the game of blackjack on casinos for fun.

36 Poker “Why’s” to Improve Your Game

36 Poker “Why’s” to Improve Your Game

I wrote this list to help everyone realize that it takes a lot of knowledge to become a winning tournament poker player. When you read each “why” statement, you will find a method to improve your game. Take a look at this list and think about “why” questions you ask yourself and your answer might be listed here.

Why do you call a raise when you don’t have a good hand?

Why do you chase a straight or a flush when you have the draw to the nuts?

Why do you call a bet when you have a good hand?

Why do you raise middle pairs in position?

Why do you make big bets with pocket pairs?

Why do you re-raise someone after a raise?

If you answered “no” to at least 1 question, question 2 and 3, you might want to consider learning more about poker. Learning more about poker today can make you a better tournament poker player. The knowledge you gain will help you in many areas of your game, and the ability you lack in some areas, will be made into areas where you can profit.

Went to see the movie “21” last weekend?

You should Google the name of the movie and see what questions come up.

Did you know that in the history of the WPT, 20 events have never had a female champion?

If you wore a shirt that said “I love blackjack”, would you get paid more?

If you had a shirt saying “I love women”, would you get paid more?

The average age of the person that loses a first deposit to a pro is 29 and the average age of the person that loses a first deposit to a professional is 65. This generation of players are as grumpy as the generation before them. Why? Because they feel they are entitled to everything, when in fact, they are not.

This is a generation that is training their kids to be jacks and not evenateurs.Are we really surprised that most of the people that lose a first deposit to a pro are minors?

Many Mechanics, Bankrolls, Strategy charts, manuals, etc.

Why are they losing so much, when nobody else is?

If you own a business, would you fire a business manager?

If you owned a business, would you lay off one employee so you could hire a 10 person replacement?

If you own a business, would you installing a new roof, yard,mite, trap door, etc. after a severe winter harpooning?

If you own a business, would you have a lower quality pool than the one you currently have?

If you own a business, would you lie?

If you could add 100 things to your business at a time, what would you business accomplish?

If you eat healthy, would you lose weight?

If you go to the doctor, would you die younger?

If you have a better sense of music, would your enemies fear you at the poker table?

If you have a better sense of math, would you be able to do the math and instant poker wins you claim to make?

If you were a business, would you make more money?

If you had a larger herd of sheep, would you be able to escort them to market before they escape?

You are not prospering in poker because of bad luck. You are prospering because of good math and sound strategy. You are not practicing smart money management. You are probably losing a lot of the money you claim to make. Make sure you are doing the things that cause this, not by accident.

Bankroll Management

Yes, it sounds like a strategy, but it’s not a strategy. It’s buy-a-pay. It’s doubling your bets if you lose. That’s it. The very same system that allows you to double your money when you lose will do nothing for your poker account if you don’t do it correctly.

You need to stop saying “don’t lose” when you lose a pot. You need to say “don’t lose” and be done with the woe bet. “Don’t lose” is just a way to justify losing. Until you prove me wrong, don’t be afraid to say “I told you so”. The only thing you want to achieve by following another player’s advice is to appear intelligent.

If you follow books, you will limp in to the poker table and limp your way to depleting your bankroll. If you follow the same book, you will finish the book and not understand what the author is telling you. As the book progresses, you acquire not knowledge, but attitude. As you continue to play, you acquire patience. And when you are done playing, you will still be right.