The Secret Punter System Review - Betting to Make a Profit

The Secret Punter System Review – Betting to Make a Profit

Do you want to learn the secrets of betting to make a profit with The Secret Punter System? There is no fixed system for profiting from any bets that you make, as this book teaches you to profit from any bets that you place.

  1. Why Do Most Punters Not Make Any Money with Sports Betting?

Most losing punters have never heard of a betting system and will never place one. Even though they try, they have no way of knowing that the events they bet on still aren’t “valued”. Every piece of research I have done has shown that you can create value in any market and turn a profit with The Secret Punter System.

  1. What is the Secret Punter System All About, and How Does It Work?

This eBook was created by an estate millionaire who has painstakingly researched the 50 years of data that gamblers neglect by placing foolish bets. Once you start receiving his selections, you will be ripping your hair out and wishing that I would get you to talk to him so you could actually understand what he was telling you.

The key to his system is its selective betting technique, which only allows 3% of bets to be placed based on the selections that he tells you to place. Ironically, the Bookie must place all of his bets manually, and does so at the same time that he is placing them. He tells you to place one of his selections and then only bets with the same amount again the next turn, and nothing else. As long as his selection wins you money, he will keep placing this same bet as long as the pot keeps growing.

This technique is the only way to profit from betting because no matter what bets you back while using his system, you will always end up with at least one bet that you have to lose in order to show a profit.

  1. How Much Money Can You Make with The Secret Punter System, and What Do You Have to Do to Make Money with It?

The owner has restricted the number of bets allowed in order to preserve his bankroll as well as the rent money needed to live off of his. Because of this, you will not be able to start making bets until you have 133 bets under your belt. Like all systems that allow you to profit, The Secret Punter System is not for everyone. The owner has restricted the number of bets because he wants everyone to have different finances and bankrolls. However, if you study the system and use it with the proper picks, you can get your picks, bet when it is right and profit from the system.

  1. What Are Some Tips That I Have Used to Make Money with The Secret Punter System?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you can’t expect to win every bet. It is similar to learning how to cut through the hedges on the Bolagila roulette table – it takes some practice and a lot of optimize to make money with. My first bets failed for almost all of the following reasons:


35% for hitting the Banker and Spade

15% for hitting the Tie

25% for hitting a Blackjack

The booze made me stomach sick, so I had to lay off half of them after I got drunk.

After I sober up, I decided to test run the system for a week and manually place bets. I got astonishing results. Bets I would have never normally placed fell perfectly into the bets that the system tells me to place. As I Occasionally test runs the system, I kept betting and now I am consistently one of the money horses for the system. It is surprising that something like this can consistently win at such a high strike rate.