Top Casino Money Processors

Top Casino Money Processors

Top Casino Money Mine

Although MoneyMINE is the best way to transfer money to online casinos, it is still a method that can be hit or miss. The transfer process is pretty straightforward, but the casino making the payment may not be. Among the top casino money mine connectors, transferring to Fulltilt Poker has been the most consistent money processors for me. They are stable and quick to pay.

Money Mine

While MoneyMINE is the top rated money transfer method, it is also the most complicated. The top casino connectors offer a simple, 3 step, transfer method. Having a lot of funds in your account is the main requirement for this method to work. Among the top casino money mine connectors, Fulltilt Poker is stable and quick to pay.


An e-wallet is a very popular method of depositing and withdrawing funds from online casinos. The depositing and withdrawing process is simple and the e-wallets are a secure method of keeping your funds safe from hackers and people requiring the information in your account.

You can transfer funds to your casino account by check, e-wallet or credit cards. The casino offers the standard payment methods on their site and you can request for a different method if you’d like.

To withdraw your funds may require you having to go to your credit card company and asking for the withdrawal of funds. With this method, you will need to give your permission before the payment is made.

Of course, choosing the payment method is up to you. You can find many ways to transfer funds to your favorite casino. But first, you need to know which casino is offering the bonus.

Loyalty Programs

For those who play at least a little bit of gambling, you know about all the different bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos. You’ll know about monthly bonuses and your big win bonuses, like the ones offered by Holland Casino. These kinds of bonuses can be a good way of adding to your casino bankroll, but you have to know about those first.

Holland Casino uses Diamond Sportsbook as their bonus offer. Diamond Sportsbook is a big name in the online sports betting industry and they are offering some big killer deals for their loyal players. They are also the casino that defends their interests by giving you a host of great promotions, such as a deposit bonus. This means that whatever you deposit, you will getared benefits.

Diamond Sportsbook is looking to get you to bet with them and they are going to reward you with a number of different promotions. Anyone looking to make a deposit at Holland Casino should take a look at the promotions that they are offering. They are always going to benefit from a big deposit bonus and the more you play the more you are going to get.

Dewapoker Casino is always looking to earn your business and they are willing to reward their players for making it their business. They are always looking for ways to give back to their customers and this is one way that they are offering their customers a good time. When you play at Holland Casino, you will find that they are on the ball. They have great promotions, a lot of games available and they encourage playing in their casino.

Players will also find that there are lots of different games at Holland Casino, everything from slots, to popular games likeinson Big Six, blackjack and roulette. The variety allows players to find something they are looking for and they will keep coming back to Holland Casino because of their great promotions and games.

When you play at Holland Casino, you’ll find that the bonuses are good and so are the promotions and the service. You will love it so much that you will turn the other players’ comments into high fives, just the result of the Five Four Slots Jackpot!

How Online Roulette Bonuses Work

How Online Roulette Bonuses Work

Online casino roulette bonuses are offered to attract more user traffic and increase the popularity of an online casino. They result in some specific bonuses to selected games on roulette and some others. Some online casinos are more generous than others in terms of the bonus offered, while some are more demanding regarding the bonus offered. The following review of online roulette bonuses will help you to choose the most suitable casino for your bonus, providing a description of the bonus and its terms.

European – Americanorsexual roulette bonusesare the same in almost all countries, this is an example of a roulette bonus with an old-fashioned name that refers to the gender specific markets on the wheel, red and black, odd and even, 1 to 19 and 19 to 36. These markets have dominating positions on the roulette wheel, which assume the casino’s monetary values. As a result, these markets have larger sections of the wheel marked in their entirety, creating vast attractive opportunities for players. In addition the bonus offers to these markets are sometimes separate and distinct from the main bonus offered.

These sections of the wheel are often artificial and do not correspond to the sections on the wheel that are marked on the roulette wheel. Moreover, artificial sections also have uncertainty levels that do not change based on the spin’s results. This uncertainty fluctuation that causes the big losses in these sections of the wheel is the corrected prediction that the ball will land in this section on the next spin.

As a result, the decreption of the risk involved in these sections of the wheel often amounts to a significantly reduced return when compared with the full wheel. Consequently, online casinos that offer these incentives to gamble online roulette need to secure multiple bonuses and adjust their odds and payouts to achieve the payroll costs of running the online roulette games that offer this bonus.

American Roulette Bonuses

The assumption behind American roulette bonus is that more winning combinations that adorn the bonus payout are more advantageous to the casino than those that do not. Indeed, it has been suggested thatiether three numbers on the roulette wheel that are often considered bad for the player can actually be additional bonus points given by the house to entice more players to its site.

As a result, the casino required to give you the bonus in the first place is likely to have a very high house edge meaning that the bonus is a poor bet for them. Of the remaining bet, only the 35:1 payout is likely to be worthy of considering a healthy bet, meaning that the player needs to win twice as many times to break even after paying the bonus.

Moreover, an American roulette bonus is calculated as a percentage of the payment suggested by the formula offered by the casino. Players are suggested to bet more on the easier bets, and bet on fewer numbers with the smaller bonus.

Payout independently of Whether You Win or Lose

When you bet on any number with a roulette bonus, the payout is the only thing that needs to be calculated. Even if you bet on the red, black, odd or even numbers, your bet will be paid by the casino regardless of whether you win or lose.

This again is not very realistic. You will probably lose more money by betting on single digit numbers, which only pay out even money, or betting on 10 rather than on 1 or 12.

So even though you get a bonus in the form of real cash, the expected return is not much higher. This is a bad thing if you are planning to start playing online pokerace99 seriously. You might earn an early payback, but you will need to play a lot more spins before you will get an sizable win.

Online Roulette Bonuses – What’s the Catch?

The usual catch for bonuses offered by online casinos is that you need to wager the bonus amount many times (and earn player points in order to be able to withdraw the bonus money. In some rare cases, you might be required to wager the bonus amount many times before you can withdraw it and you might even be required to earn more points.