What is attraction marketing

What is attraction marketing?

Think about someone you love. Is there anything you do well? Do you find it easy to do? Do you find it fun? Do you get a sense of satisfaction out of the work you do? Attraction marketing is about connecting with people and being kind. It is about giving values to other people and positioning yourself as that person’s advocate.

Attraction marketing does not require you to be a designer, photographer, IT helps, copywriter, or business consultant. Attraction marketing simply means that you are a vehicle for people to opt in to interact with you, gather information from you, and grow closer to you and your brand.

By becoming smarter and more cost effective, people can find ways to get more value out of those resources that they work so hard to save. When you are giving value, in the form of masses of highly targeted traffic to your business opportunity at no additional cost to yourself, that truly makes sense to me. After all, it costs so much to run a business, pokergalaxy?

If you are involved in building your MLM home based business, and somebody in your organization has been struggling hard to get into the game, then consider offering to be their consultant or mentor. By becoming their guide, they will find ways to turn their struggles into strengths, and They will find success.

By simply making your intentions clear and real, you are creating the momentum that causes people to engage in a dialogue with you, which in the end causes the fast growth of that business opportunity down the line.

Once you get them in the right frame of mind, and present them with the right question, you will be a net wizard with the people you work with in Attraction Marketing. It is no different than the famous law of attraction. Once you know something no matter what you are doing, you will attract it.

You are half way there. It is very easy to do. You have to be willing to change in the way you work, commute in the way you spend time instead of waste time stuck in traffic getting to and from your job. You cannot avoid lunch at the expense of an improperly prepared menu.

It is not about being creative, it is not about being out-of-your-word when it comes to providing value to other people. It does not require brand building, it is not about visiting every company or opportunity, it is not about being in a position to run a company at all.

It is the people you give value to who will carry you far. Your most valuable asset will be those people who love your company and are willing to continue to support it. Give them value and they will pay you more for it. They will not hesitate to give you more money or even more time to keep the relationship strong.

Why is this so? Because they like you. They like what you have built with your company. They’ve gone through your training program and are beginning to see how much you know. Many are willing and ready to re-design themselves with you, their business cornerstone. Like a love affair, the more the better. When they aren’t enjoying the results in their lives, they will spring for you.

Like the universe, when you build on a foundation of love and offer them what they are looking for in 100% belief that it will work, they will reciprocate. What you put the time and energy to create, is only relative to how much you love them in the first place.