Keeping Online Poker US Players Safe and Sound

Keeping Online Poker US Players Safe and Sound

With the advent of internet casinos and poker rooms, poker is one of the most popular card games whose stakes are built over centuries. Online poker brings to you the excitement of playing the game in the comfort of your home, at your convenience.

But, internet poker is not without its intimidators. A lot of players are still wary of the bonuses and payouts of online poker, concerned over the security of the funds Fran├žois L Searid’s company, Phenonix Gaming, used to shut out American players. Phenonix refunded those players who were victimized by robbery or deceit of any sort and offered them with full refunds.

Even though Phenonix is one of the more well-known gaming companies in the industry, players still had concerns over the mastery of the company and the trustworthiness of the jackpot. The disqualification of Phenonix Gaming was announced by the World Trade Organization in the late 1990’s, as the organization found that the United States was in violation of international trade laws. Consequently, the episodes of Phenonix Gaming were heavily regulated, and the company was allowed to operate from 2003 to 2005.

Poker Stars, a leader in South Korea and one of the largest online poker sites in the world, uses Phenonix’ gaming software. The software is developed by CryptoLogic, the same company that developed the governing software for the NBA. The basketball software has had a profound impact on online basketball betting as many of the algorithms used by the software are heavily related to statistics and team Grievance.

PokerStars, in conjunction with the analyzer ‘Intercasino’, has released the world’s first ever software that allows customers to have a data-driven approach to online poker. The PokerStars software, claims to be able to give clients insight into ‘uru’ (aggressive/passive gambling) and ‘esis’ (matical/ grammatical) information based on detailed statistics on hands played, points won, money wagered and even personal preferences.Intercasino, in conjunction with the analyzer ‘Uppericum’, has also released an online mega88 analyzer called HoldemSpy. The software claims to be able to display detailed stats on:

  • Hands played
  • Points won
  • Money wagered
  • Total scores
  • Games played
  • Hold * Points allowed (both positive and negative)
  • Punts allowed (both positive and negative)
  • Average bet size (both positive and negative)
  • Called raises (both positive and negative)
  • Bet called raises (both positive and negative)
  • MONEYOUTS(Total money raised, both positive and negative)
  • Called Money Outs (both positive and negative)

HoldemSpy is fast becoming the industry standard for online poker analyzers because of its topic-specific, specialized functions, together with its reasonable price. When considering HoldemSpy, we should keep in mind that this software will not offer you insight on how to beat the Texas Holdem games, strategies on ‘winning’ the game, how to bet effectively, and how to successfully bluff. The two Holdem Spy software programs which are being sold came out around the same time, around the year 2005, around the time the first poker rental company, Poker Tech, made its debut.

HoldemSpy comes with a built-in database system, instructions are also given on how to use the software, on how to use the database, how many tables and rows each program should have, how to maintain the database, and what applications to use. Holdem Spy was, for the time being, our overall choice for an online poker analyzer, in spite of not being a poker ‘rakeback’ system (to the disappointment of many holdem players), because it is not certified by the poker rooms, and the ideas behind are not yet mature enough. The developers are attempting to address the weaknesses of their software with each new version, and keep the current version as compatible as possible with the leading online poker rooms.

Poker Tracker

Poker Tracker is the only other software that is allows you to automate the poker tracking. The poker tracker will sit at the top of your online poker games and allow you to track various statistics of your game, you will be able to see how many hands you have played, how many hours you have played, how much you have won or lost, and of course the win/loss ratio and the ROI% (return on investment).